Jon Maynard

Nicholas George Law Firm PLLC

The first day I met Nick, he strolled into Asotin county and it was his first day on contract. We got to sit and down we were sat next to each other and started talking about who’s who and what’s what he is just a guy that was so easy to talk to and had such a good aura about him. He holds his stature very well and so far I have watched nothing but him grab the bull by the horns and really hit it hard for some of these local clients that he has gotten but from the get-go, I very much liked his demeanor. He is very informative and knowledgeable when it comes to law and he is definitely the guy you want on your side when it comes to a good old Greek fight LOL. Not one time have I heard a client speak like he wasn’t given them his all. Every client he gets he gives 110%, whether it be paid client or public defendant, he gives you the best chance you can get to have a fair fight go down in the court.