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Get help from highly rated personal injury attorney Nicholas George.  He has over 25 years of experience in Washington state, representing personal injury claims for a variety of situations, especially those involving deceptive, dangerous and unethical acts by people, insurance companies and businesses.

We earn full compensation for our southeast Washington clients, and your case will get the personal attention of Mr. George; he will fight for your rights in court if necessary, to ensure your injury is compensated properly and fully.

We accept personal injury, auto accidents and wrongful death cases with no up-front fees, on a contingency basis.

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The Aftermath of Injury or Death

An injury or death can be highly traumatic to you and your family.  This is a time where grief and chaos affects your life, and you need a professional personal injury attorney to sort things out, and make sure you get the outcome you deserve.

Nicholas George is well versed in handling Walla Walla insurance companies and lawsuits arising from personal injury claims, and he will ensure this disruption to your life has as minimal impact as possible.  He will ensure you reach a fair and just financial recovery for your injury.

Handling Insurance Companies

If your insurance company is not paying you for all of your property damage, trying to avoid paying your medical bills, pushing you for a recorded statement, asking you to sign releases, authorizations or other legal forms, or making you see THEIR doctor, then you need legal representation immediately!

Nicholas George can make sure your bills are paid, that all of your damages are compensated for, and will keep the insurance companies off your back until you are well again, and ready to settle.

Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Represntation in Walla Walla, WA

24 Hour Washington State Bail Bonds
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Protecting the Rights of Injured People in Walla Walla, WA

Mr. George fights for justice and fair compensation for injury victim's losses.  He has the compassion, experience and commitment to provide excellent results.  He takes pride in responding to his client's needs, and understands that injury claims are a highly emotional and stressful situation. 

He will review your situation, come up with a game plan, and reduce the uncertainty of your personal injury claim.  You will always have direct access to Mr. George in his Walla Walla legal office throughout the time he handles your case, and when you have concerns or questions, he will respond in a timely manner, to put you at ease as quickly as possible.

Mr. George handles a wide variety of personal injury or wrongful death cases, including auto accidents, bicycle accidents or motorcycle accidents, motor vehicle collisions, truck accidents, premises liability claims, wrongful death through negligence or accidental means, work site accidents, L&I claims, spinal injuries and brain injuries, catastrophic injuries, nursing home negligence, elder abuse and neglect.

If you wish to receive the maximum compensation under the circumstances of your personal injury, Nicholas George is the attorney for you.

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